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Short Biography

Robert Constable is an Australian pianist, composer, teacher and music education leader who has developed a multi-faceted career in Australia, New Zealand and internationally. A renowned musician among his peers, Robert has a distinguished career in leadership of three leading university music schools in Australia and New Zealand including a long period when he was Dean of Music at the University of Newcastle’s Conservatorium over four successive terms. He was head of the schools of music at the Universities of Auckland (2007-2012) and Canterbury in Christchurch (2012-2015). 


Robert Constable established and maintained an enviable reputation for his leadership, and the application of rigorous academic practices and has always been held in high regard by staff, students, university executive management and the broader community. He is also a research innovator: the Stuart Piano project, which he established at the University of Newcastle in 1995, remains one of his most important and successful undertakings simultaneously putting the piano’s creator, Wayne Stuart, the Conservatorium and the city of Newcastle on the world stage.


As a musician Robert Constable is renowned in performance and composition. His compositions encompass a wide range of genres, styles and purposes. As a pianist he is an outstanding improviser and recording artist as well as an experienced and inspiring teacher and mentor. Among his many artistic endeavours is his ability in improvising instant soundtracks to silent films of the 1920s, an activity that has taken him all over the world.


Professor Constable is now retired and resides in Kangaroo Valley, Australia. He is still professionally active as a teacher and mentor both in Australia and internationally. Robert Constable was awarded the Order of Australia (AM) in the Australia Day Honours of 2021.

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