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Commercial Recordings of Compositions by Robert Constable


  • 'Locomotive Music' University of Newcastle Percussion Ensemble JADE (1995)

  • 'Locomotive Music' The University of Newcastle Percussion Ensemble, ABC recording 1993

  • 'Autumn Song' Paul Curtis (flute), David Miller (piano), Moonlight and Roses (2005)

  • 'Jewel' Elizabeth Holowell (violin), Robert Constable (piano) Atoll (2010)

  • 'Autumn Song' Lamorna Nightingale (flute), Jocelyn Fazzole (piano) Spirit of the Plains (2013)

  • 'Medea' David Stanhope and his Orchestra, Dimity Hall (violin) and Julian Smiles (cello) soloists Tall Poppies 264 (2019)

  • A Slinky Foxtrot-Nocturne; Piers Lane, Hyperion Record (forthcoming in April 2023)


Commercial Recordings as Pianist


  • 'Jewel' Australian Gems for Violin and PianoAtoll CD 110 (2010)
    Music by Banks, Whiticker, Plush, Sculthorpe, Wesley-Smith, Sutherland, Constable
    Elizabeth Holowell (violin) Robert Constable (piano)

Live Concert Performances of Robert Constable, piano

'Sundays' Colorado College 1989
‘The Man I Love’ Gershwin/Grainger
'Love Walked In' Gershwin/Grainger
Schumann Kinderszcenen opus 15: III - Hasche-Mann; IV - Bittendes Kind; V Gluckes genug, Newcastle 1993
Schumann Kinderszcenen op 15: VII Traumerei Recorded Newcastle 1993
Schumann Kinderszenen op 15: XII Kind im Einschlummem; XIII Der Dichter spricht. Newcastle 1993
'Winamin' by Michael Whiticker; Elizabeth Holowell (violin) and Robert Constable (piano) Recorded 1991
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